On this page we provide you all the information you need about a license

The road to a license



To be able to practice driving you need to have a valid Driving permission also called “Körkortstillstånd”. The application is done online at Transportstyrelsen. You complete the application with a vision test which we can help you with at the office.


Private driving

If you have the possibility to drive privately you and your supervisor need to go an introduction course. The course is four hours long and is valid for five years. You and your supervisor do not need to attend the course at the same time.

NOTE: Unfortunaly we dont provide introduction courses in english, so if necessary bring someone that helps you translate. This person needs to pay full price for the course.


Driving at the driving school

We make a free registration where we need your identification and basic contact information. We plan together and get access to the app “Körkort Nu” where you can handle your bookings yourself and study theory. The registation is done at the school during our opening-hours.


Driving lessons

We offer three different types of lessons in the car. Lessons with automatic car is always 80 minutes.

  • Lesson 40 minutes
  • Double lesson 80 minutes



We offer all the theory material digitally through the app and we also offer adapt theory lessons where you sit together with your educator.


Risk Education 1

Risk education1 is a mandatory theoretical education. The course is 3,5 hours long and gives you knowledge and insight into how alcohol, drugs and fatigue affect your ability as a driver and how we are affected by attitudes and behaviors.


Risk Education 2

Risk education 2 is a compulsory practical training and shall always be done in the end of your education. You get to experience risky traffic situations in a safe environment.  We are doing Risk education 2 in Norrköping at Bråvalla. You book the course together with your educator at Kör Eco.


Exams (theory and driving)

You need to do both a theory and driving test. You must be 18 years old and approved in Risk education 1 and 2 to be allowed to do the tests. You book the tests together with your teacher. You need to have an approved theory test before the driving test. The tests must be approved within a 6 months period.

Risk Education 1